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3 job-related financial losses that can follow a major crash

Drivers in South Carolina have to accept the possibility of a crash as a trade-off for the convenience of personal transportation. Given that motor vehicles are so accessible to the public, people never know who they might encounter on the road. Every year, there are major crashes that end people’s lives or cause permanent injuries, and many of these crashes are the result of poor personal choices.

People exceed the posted speed limit, fail to use their turn signals and tailgate because they feel frustrated by someone else driving at a slower speed than them. Motorists involved in crashes caused by other drivers usually have the option of filing a liability insurance claim or lawsuit. Every South Carolina motorist should have basic insurance coverage to offset the risk inherent and operating a motor vehicle. Drivers generally need to carry property damage and bodily injury liability coverage.

Bodily injury coverage can help pay for medical expenses and also work-related losses associated with a crash injury. There are three different work-related financial losses that people may need to factor into an insurance claim or lawsuit after a motor vehicle collision causes serious physical injuries.

Lost wages

Anyone in need of extensive medical care after a car crash could miss days or possibly weeks of work. Losing that time on the job will add up to a specific amount of lost income. People can potentially request reimbursement for the time that they could not work because of crash-related injuries.

Lost earning potential

Not every injury leads to a full recovery after a car crash. Some people have lingering symptoms that could have long-term consequences for their health and employment. Someone struggling with debilitating injuries may need to change professions or may cease working because of their injuries. Those who can no longer maintain well-paid employment that they previously enjoyed may be able to claim their lost future earning potential, including the wages possible after a raise or promotion, when pursuing compensation after a crash.

Lost employment benefits

Someone who needs to change their career won’t just lose out on advancement opportunities and future wages. They can also lose highly valuable employment benefits including paid leave and various forms of insurance. Many comprehensive benefit packages are worth approximately a third of someone’s annual salary. People often need to consider the value of their benefits when filing a claim for insurance coverage or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after a South Carolina car wreck.

If the total value of one’s medical and job-related losses adds up to more than available insurance coverage, people might want to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against parties that are responsible for their harm. Accurately estimating the cause and financial impact of a crash may help people obtain financial justice after a wreck.