Gladiator (noun): a man trained to fight against other men in an arena
Linward Edwards (noun): an attorney trained to fight against opponents in a courtroom

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When A Casual Ride Or Walk Ends In A Traffic Accident

Accidents are always unexpected and most individuals are not be prepared for what is coming. You could be injured during your daily jogging routine or while riding a motorcycle in your day off. When the unexpected arises, call an experienced lawyer to protect your rights.

For more than 15 years, our attorney, Linward C. Edwards, has helped clients throughout Florence and Dillon, South Carolina, to address their legal issues in a range of personal injury matters. He knows that the consequences and specific needs after an accident vary significantly according to the circumstances and type of vehicle involved. At The Law Offices of Linward C. Edwards II, LLC, we are fearless when it comes to the battles required to fight for your welfare.

Our Ultimate Victory: Meeting Your Needs.

Mr. Edwards is an experienced negotiator and adviser regarding insurance matters. After discussing your case, he and his team of paralegals will work on personalized options to pursue fair compensation and seek justice for you.

There are specific considerations for personal injuries due to motorcycle or pedestrian accidents in South Carolina, which include the following:

  • If the pedestrian is not at fault for the accident, the liable party should cover all the damages suffered by the victim.
  • A negligence per se doctrine applies if a car ignores a red light and hits a pedestrian. This means the pedestrian is not obliged to present evidence against the negligent driver, but only evidence of the traffic violation.
  • For motorcycle accidents, South Carolina authorities use a modified comparative rule to determine the percentage of fault of each party.
  • All South Carolina motorcycle riders need to be insured. The basic insurance expected is liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury.

At The Law Offices of Linward C. Edwards II, LLC, we see ourselves as gladiators fighting against uncertain legal scenarios. We are aggressive advocators and compassionate legal advisers for our clients. Do not risk your right to fair compensation by talking with insurance agents or authorities without an experienced lawyer. You pay our fees only if we recover compensation for you.

You Deserve A Better Tomorrow

Your case is in good hands with us. You have nothing to lose in a free consultation, but you risk too much without experienced legal help. Call us in Florence and Dillon at 843-970-9920 or leave your contact information in our online form to make an appointment.