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5 causes of semitruck crashes

Semitrucks are very large and heavy, so they pose a significant hazard on the roadways. Occupants of other vehicles are at risk if anything amiss happens with these big rigs.

Anyone who’s involved in a crash with a semitruck may opt to pursue a compensation claim. Determining the cause of the collision so the appropriate parties can be held accountable for the crash is key. The following are some of the most common causes of crashes involving semis.

Trucker errors

Some semitruck crashes are caused by a trucker. Even simple errors can lead to catastrophic wrecks. Other issues, such as impairment, fatigue or distractions are huge problems.

Motorist actions

Other motorists can sometimes cause crashes. This is particularly problematic if vehicles cut in front of a semitruck because these massive rigs can’t stop quickly. It’s always best if drivers stay out of the “no zones” surrounding the semitruck. As a general rule, a trucker can’t see a vehicle if the driver of that vehicle can’t see the trucker.

Cargo is improperly secured

Cargo that shifts can cause the trucker to lose control of their big rig. Industry regulations stipulate the absolute minimum securement that should occur for every load type. Failing to do this can lead to cargo coming loose and even coming off the truck.

Road and traffic conditions

Road conditions can also contribute to crashes. It’s difficult for truckers to stop these vehicles on dry pavement. It becomes even more complicated when it’s wet. Truckers must pay close attention when the weather isn’t nice, and other drivers must do the same so everyone can share the roadway safely.

Components and maintenance

A semitruck with components that aren’t working correctly or that suffers due to lax maintenance isn’t safe. Think about the results of brakes that stop working. This could lead to a 18-wheeler crashing into other vehicles.

Although these are certainly not the only reasons why crashes involving large commercial trucks occur, they are among the most common. Therefore, if you have been involved in an accident, it is important to question whether these concerns may have played a role in your circumstances and whether the cause of your crash gives you grounds to file a lawsuit.