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How to make your children feel safe after an auto accident

When your children have been involved in an automobile accident, one of the things you need to do is to approach the situation with gentleness and kindness. They may have real emotional and physical trauma that makes them unwilling to get back into the vehicle. Their entire life may have a new path because of the damage that has been done.

There are things you can do to help your children feel safe again after a car crash. Here are three that you can keep in mind as they heal.

  1. Keep up your support

The first thing you have to remember is that children are going through new experiences. They may not know how to express their emotions well or be able to fully understand what happened to them. Be patient with your child. If they want to talk about the accident or have questions about how they are going to be affected by the injuries they’ve suffered, then you need to be there to calmly answer them.

If they struggle to get into a vehicle or show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, talk to a children’s therapist and be patient. Explaining what you’re doing to keep them safer during this ride might help them feel more comfortable.

  1. Fall back on your support system

Another thing to remember is that you can fall back on your support system to make sure your children get the help they need. You can keep in touch with your children’s doctors, your family and your attorney to make sure you’re going to have financial, emotional and medical support when you need it.

  1. Make sure you get financial support

Finally, don’t get yourself into a situation where your finances stress you out so much you can’t focus on your child. If you and your child were involved in a serious collision caused by another person, you can seek compensation through an insurance claim or by making a personal injury claim.

Your children will feel safer if you are there to comfort them and provide them with reasonable, and actionable, steps to take to get past their fears. It may take time, but they can adjust.