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Motorcyclists: Overrepresented in traffic fatalities

Did you know that the number of motorcyclists killed in collisions was 4,986 in 2018? That was almost a 5% decrease from the year before, but it’s still a huge amount of people who are being harmed on the roads.

Motorcyclists are overrepresented in traffic fatality data, which is why South Carolina has set a goal to have zero motorcyclist fatalities within the state in the future.

What makes motorcyclists more likely to get hit?

Motorcyclists are in an unfortunate position because they have a lower profile on the roads. What that means is that it may be harder to see a motorcyclist, and a motorcyclist is more likely to be in a vehicle’s blind spot.

Motorcyclists have to take steps to be safe, but so do other drivers. Drivers may not always look for motorcyclists when moving into another lane and may miscalculate how quickly motorcyclists are approaching when attempting to cross their path at an intersection or when turning. This is why it’s so important for drivers to understand that they have to share the road with motorcyclists. They should always be on the lookout for motorcyclists who may be approaching, and they should wait if they aren’t sure that they can’t cross the motorcyclist’s path with plenty of time.

Motorcyclists can help themselves by taking steps to stand out. Wearing the right equipment can go a long way in protecting them, too. For example, if you are riding, wear bright colors. Wear reflective gear. Doing this will help you stand out from the road and become more apparent to other drivers.

Motorcyclists have a greater risk of injury than other drivers

Unfortunately, since motorcyclists have little protection against impacts, they are more likely to suffer injuries than other drivers involved in crashes with them. While wearing the right padded gear and protective equipment can help, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer from road rash, head injuries, broken bones and other injuries than those in larger vehicles.

Motorcyclist safety matters and should be taken seriously. If you’re hit by another driver, you can take steps to seek compensation for all you’ve been through.