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Federal Criminal Defense
The federal courts have become hotbeds for the criminal prosecution of drug cases, and particularly drug conspiracy cases. Harsh mandatory minimum sentences and issues stemming from the Sentencing Guidelines make it vital that a person charged have experienced counsel throughout the process. The Government’s resources permit law enforcement to build strong cases based upon months, and often years, of investigation. It is vital that you engage an attorney for the identification and preparation of pretrial issues and defenses, the investigation of your case, plea bargaining if appropriate, trial, and an understanding of the criminal law.

Federal Sentencing
If convicted in federal court, an individual then faces a complex and harsh sentencing process. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are now advisory instead of mandatory. However, the Guidelines are still very persuasive to sentencing judges with few exceptions, requiring the federal defense attorney to craft creative and sound sentencing strategies to obtain lesser sentences. The Guidelines provide for base offense levels for crimes, and then combined with a defendant’s criminal history and enhancements for other conduct, provide an advisory sentencing range. It is crucial to devote experienced legal work to the issue of sentencing in federal court as grounds exists for downward departures and variance sentences, which permit a defendant to be sentenced below the advisory range. These grounds, however, are numerous, fact sensitive, and ever changing. Experienced and thorough research and preparation are required to determine the applicability of downward departures and variance sentences.

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