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The Service We Provide


Automobile Accidents

We at the Law Office of Linward Edwards II understand the pain you may be going through. Whether it’s a slip and fall, car accident, or some other wrongful injury, you may need legal counsel and we are here to help you through your ordeal.


Criminal Defense

The federal courts have become hotbeds for the criminal prosecution of drug cases, and particularly drug conspiracy cases. Harsh mandatory minimum sentences and issues stemming from the Sentencing Guidelines make it vital that a person charged have experienced counsel throughout the process.


DUI Traffic Violations

An arrest for DUI is not a conviction. A common myth is that being arrested for DUI is “getting” a DUI. That is simply not the case. Your case begins promptly after your arrest. A thorough investigation of the case is vital. 


Family Law

We serve our clients with a team of experienced, caring and dedicated staff members who have years of experience in the family court. This law firm has an established track record of stressing creative, intellectual, persuasive and technical approaches to the practice of family law.