Gladiator (noun): a man trained to fight against other men in an arena
Linward Edwards (noun): an attorney trained to fight against opponents in a courtroom

Get A Gladiator On Your Side

Are insurance adjusters your allies after a car accident?

In the aftermath of a car accident, between the shock of the incident and dealing with your injuries, you can easily misinterpret important interactions with insurance personnel. You might misjudge your engagement with an insurance adjuster to be helpful and friendly. However, it’s crucial to remember that an insurance adjuster aligned with an at-fault party or your insurance company is almost always acting “on the insurer’s side.”

While they may sound friendly, this is likely a tactic they’re using to get you to open up about the details of the accident. With information from the horse’s mouth, a pertinent insurance company may have the arsenal to cheat you out of your maximum compensation. Something as simple as saying that you are sorry that the accident happened can be misconstrued as assuming responsibility for the crash at issue.

What’s the insurance adjuster’s role?

Insurance adjusters are essentially investigators for insurance companies who gather information to help minimize settlement claims. Remember, insurance companies are simply businesses, and they will take any chance to minimize their operation costs.

When an insurance adjuster contacts you, you’ll likely get the sense that they’re assessing the validity of your claim. However, there will be tactical questions tucked into the conversation to fish out any loopholes they can use to discredit your accounts. The adjuster may not be out to get you, but the fact remains that their interests are hardly aligned with yours.

They might not be your best friend

One common tactic among insurance adjusters is offering accident victims a low initial settlement to see if they’ll accept it. That’s why it’s wise to turn down an initial offer from an insurance company, even if you perceive it as reasonable at the moment.

You can benefit from speaking with a reliable legal team before accepting any offers. They can assess your unique situation and give you an estimated compensation amount that would fairly compensate you for your injuries.

An insurance adjuster’s language in the aftermath of a car accident can mislead you into believing they’re your friend. However, it is important to remember that their loyalty always lies with their employer. Approaching them with this understanding and employing the services of a reliable legal group can allow you to manage your expectations and interactions in ways that better safeguard your rights and options.