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Can insurance help you after a cycling or pedestrian crash?

You know that motor vehicle liability insurance applies if you are on your way to work and someone runs a red light, destroying your vehicle and sending you to the hospital. You also know that your insurance protects you if you are to blame for causing a crash for some reason in South Carolina.

However, there are many scenarios in which you may feel unprotected or vulnerable out on the roads. For example, maybe you like to jog to get a little exercise or help your dog burn off energy after a long day in the crate. Perhaps you bike with your teenage child who wants to complete a triathlon.

When you exercise on public roads or commute using physical energy instead of a combustion engine, you are vulnerable because you do not have the protection of an enclosed motor vehicle to help you avoid physical injury. What protects you if someone in a car hits you while you walk or bike on public roads?

Their insurance will typically apply

You can typically count on the insurance coverage for the driver at fault for the crash to cover at least some of your expenses. South Carolina requires bodily injury and property damage coverage, both of which can help pay for your crash expenses.

Bodily injury can pay for your lost wages in addition to any hospital bills that you have because of the crash, if your injuries are significant, the other driver’s policy may not be enough to fully reimburse you. You could also potentially end up in a wreck caused by someone without a current insurance policy. Will your personal car insurance policy apply after a cycling or pedestrian crash?

Enhanced coverage might apply after a crash

Typically, if you are not the one at fault for a crash, then your policy won’t pay for the costs the collision generates. However, there are exceptions to this rule. When you pay extra money for uninsured or underinsured motorist protection, you can make a claim against your insurance policy when another driver has bad insurance or flees the scene of a crash so you can’t make a claim against their policy at all.

For those who regularly exercise on public roads, reviewing and potentially increasing their insurance coverage could make a big difference in financial safety following a crash. Unfortunately, some drivers only come to understand the value of supplemental insurance when they have already experienced a crash and do not have adequate protection.

You may find yourself in a scenario where you must make use of South Carolina’s personal injury laws to recover the expenses caused by a collision by filing a civil lawsuit. Looking into all of your options for paying your bills after a pedestrian or cycling crash can help you hold the right parties financially accountable for the damages they cause.