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What if you get hurt in a wreck and don’t have health insurance?

Car crashes are a leading cause of personal injury in South Carolina, and people often don’t get the treatment they require following a crash. One of the more common reasons that those affected by a collision forego necessary medical care is that they do not have health insurance coverage of their own.

They worry that they will end up paying the full price for any treatment they require out of pocket, so they don’t go to the hospital despite having experienced a high-speed collision that left them feeling shaken up and sore.

If you do not have health insurance or if you have a high deductible on your policy, trying to treat your symptoms with over-the-counter analgesics may seem like the best solution unless you have an obvious injury that won’t improve without professional medical treatment, like a broken bone. Avoiding treatment after a car crash is actually the opposite of what you should do when you can’t rely on your own health insurance for support.

Car insurance can cover your care costs

Every motor vehicle liability policy includes bodily injury coverage. When one person causes a crash that leaves someone else injured, the injured party can make a claim against the responsible driver’s insurance. Unlike health insurance, motor vehicle liability coverage usually does not have a deductible or any out-of-pocket requirements for the person seeking care.

Undergoing a medical evaluation after a crash is a smart decision for two separate reasons. The first is that the doctor diagnosing you could identify a condition that would get worse with time, such as internal bleeding. Early treatment could mean a better chance of a full recovery.

The second benefit is that you can show your injuries and any lost wages they caused or the result of the car crash. The longer you delay treatment, the more difficult it will be to conclusively connect your medical issues with the wreck. Instead of waiting to see if your condition worsens, seeing a doctor after a crash may be the better option for those at risk of injuries.

Learning about how car insurance works in South Carolina can help those concerned with the consequences of a recent wreck.