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2 ways car insurance can fail you after a crash

The consequences of a motor vehicle collision often include financial hardship. You have to pay to fix your car and maybe cover medical expenses. Some people even lose out on income because of their injuries or the loss of their transportation.

Usually, those who didn’t cause the crash will expect that they can make a car insurance claim to cover their costs. The liability-based insurance system in South Carolina means that you must file a claim against the other driver’s policy, not your own.

Unfortunately, you may find that the insurance coverage available to you may disappoint you in one of two ways.

The coverage may be too low

Every driver in South Carolina has to carry liability coverage under state law. However, many drivers carry the least amount they can so that they can have a little as possible. You can only claim reimbursement from the insurance company up to the maximum amount of coverage the other driver has.

You may have just $25,000 in property damage coverage and $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage to reimburse you after a crash. The minimum for bodily injury coverage is $50,000 after a collision that hurts two or more people.

It may not be available at all

Every driver needs to have proof of insurance to register the car, and it will be one of the first things of police officers ask for during a traffic stop or after a crash. Still, there are still people who are out on the roads without insurance coverage.

If you get hurt in a wreck caused by one of these drivers, they may have a lapsed policy that won’t cover any of your expenses. The good news is that your own insurance policy can help in this situation. The mandatory insurance in South Carolina also includes uninsured driver protection in at least the same amount as the liability coverage you carry. That coverage may cover your bills. If not, you may need to look into a civil lawsuit against the driver without coverage.

Understanding how insurance may fail to cover your costs can help you handle the expenses and frustrating consequences of a car crash.